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How Pong TRIGGERS You! is a video uploaded by Nathaniel Bandy on the 1st of April 2017.

This video is a part of the Triggered Series.

The video was an April Fools.

Features: Nathaniel Bandy, Digicast Pong Ball, Pong Rectangle 1 and Pong Rectangle 2.

Opening Warning: Warning: The following video is an April Fool's joke, so I don't even know Pong it wasn't the first game ever so stop believing that nonsense okay?

How it TRIGGERS You!

  • There isn't any color.
  • No music, just boring SFX.
  • The shield movement's sensitivity cannot be changed.
  • The game can only be played up to 11 points.
  • The score is hard to understand.
  • There aren't multiple types of maps.
  • The textures are way too pixelated.
  • No texture filtering.
  • No online play.
  • The reason the two blocks are fighting is unexplained.
  • No touchscreen.
  • It isn't a Nintendo exclusive.
  • Pong is boring.
  • The ball goes through the score.
  • It isn't even a ball, it's a square.
  • Old people see gaming as Pong only now.
  • On computer, it says to insert a quarter but there's nowhere to insert it.